I am a professional front end web developer currently working at Kabbage. My résumé is included in the website highlighting my education, expertise, and experience. I am adept in using both Macintosh and Windows computers and most multimedia applications. I am always willing to learn more about media and any programs to increase my knowledge of technology. In every area of my life, people come to me for help in their technological difficulties and if I don’t have the answers, I know where to find them.

What is a front end web developer?

We hand code HTML, CSS, and once in a while Javascript. We're not true designers in the sense that we don't come up with design. We're not true developers in that we are not programming anything with logic and processes. Designers make us out to be developers and developers assume that we're designers. The truth is, we're both. We're a hybrid group. For us, it's all about the presentation. It's visual. It's logic. And really, it's an art.